Read Outs on the 5th NW Neuro-Networking Event: Successes in NeuroVenture Financing

The Northwest NeuroNeighborhood (NWNN) held its 5th Neuro-Networking event on February 25, 2014 6-8:30 pm at the offices of Stratos Product Development.

5th NW Neuro-Networking Event: Successes in NeuroVenture Financing

5th NW Neuro-Networking Event: Successes in NeuroVenture Financing

About fifty NWNN members from Portland to Pullman attended the event to hear from a panel of NeuroVenture leaders who have successfully financed their endeavors.  The Panel included:

John Bowers – COO, Kona Medical

Tom Clement – CEO, Aqueduct Neurosciences

Mike Hite – CEO, Impel Neuropharma

Leen Kawas – CEO, M3 Biotechnology

Steve Runnels – CEO, Proteotech

Rick Johnson, CEO – Technical Illusions

Rich Wohns, Medical Director – Pacific Rim Minimally Invasive Outpatient Spine Surgery Center

An enthusiastic audience of neuro-entrepreneurs, including students from NeuroVentures ENTE 579 had the good fortune to pass questions back and forth with an exciting panel of local executives from our cluster.  The panel was especially well received as each member represented a recent success in fund raising for a neuro-venture, and each took very different paths to that success.

The panel’s seating unintentionally represented the disruption in financing, from a crowd-funding success story on the left (Technical Illusions) to a classic large VC backed financing on the right (Kona Medical). In between were representatives of Angel financing, “Whale” Angel financing, Advocacy Organization grant support, Federal grant and State grant support, and corporate investors. After introducing themselves, their companies, and their financing stories, the Panel reflected on questions including how to contact reclusive investors, and methods to win on-line financing.

Networking before and after the 90 minute discussion was energetic and led to new contacts, as usual.

NWNN Leadership Reports

The NWNN leadership announced open registration for the upcoming NeuroFutures 2014 Conference, which will be held in Seattle on June 17-18, 2014.  Thought leaders in research, engineering, industry, and clinical domains will explore how the intersection of neurotechnology innovations in neuromodulation, brain mapping, neuroimaging, big data analytics, and brain computer interfaces will transform our understanding of neural systems and enable life-changing medical treatments.

Bob Wilcox reported that this year the NWNN is collecting data on the scope of our industry cluster. Please join this effort, get access to leaders in the industry, and show your skills in market analysis. Contact Bob Wilcox ( and help us expand awareness of our important neuro-industry.

Previous NW Neuro-Networking Events

  1. August 2012 at the Allen Institute for Brain Science.
  2. February 2013 at the Center for Sensorimotor Neuron Engineering.
  3. July 2013 at the ACT Theater. This was the first meeting to include short talks on a disease theme, where we heard from three exciting local companies working on glioblastoma.
  4. November 2013 at K&L Gates Seattle offices where Brain Computer Interface was the topic.

About NWNN

The NorthWest NeuroNeighborhood ( is a Washington State non-profit organization formed in the summer of 2012, dedicated to fostering the development of the emerging neuro-related cluster in the Pacific Northwest.   Follow us on Twitter @NWNeuroNeighbor.

The NWNN now has over 250 members representing ~150+ companies, research organizations, or departments.

We thank our sponsors for their enthusiastic support: Stratos,  K&L Gates, The NSF Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering at the University of Washington, Swedish Neuroscience InstituteThe Allen Institute for Brain Science, Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association: WBBA, UW Medicine Department of Radiology, and Omeros.

Posted by Lance Stewart, Ph.D. MBA, Sr. Director of Alliances at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Northwest NeuroNeighborhood Co-Founder and Board Member.


Bob Wilcox, CEO of Viket Medical, and  and Northwest NeuroNeighborhood Co-Founder and Board Member.

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