Neuro Job Opportunities at Sage Bionetworks


Careers at Sage Bionetworks


Sage Bionetworks is expanding its interdisciplinary team dedicated to advancing the impact of data-driven predictive modeling on human health. Because we believe that research provides the greatest impact when built on a foundation of collaborative relationships and open systems, we work to build and support communities of collaborative researchers. As such, the team at Sage Bionetworks operates as an integrated group of computational biologists, disease biologists, clinicians, and software engineers.


Current Positions in Systems Biology

The System biology group works on a portfolio of datasets to create validated health and disease models for use in drug development or clinical prediction. We collaborate with several large pharmaceutical corporations and biotechnology companies as well as a range of international academic partners. The research projects benefit both the specific collaborators and the larger scientific community because the results are accessible in the Sage Bionetworks Commons one year after the conclusion of the research projects.


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