Health Innovators Collaborative Launches With Provocative Seminars

Will the coming transformation of healthcare be as dramatic as some experts forecast?  Will the changes call into question the assumptions which underlie current approaches to healthcare policy, business, technology and research?  Can innovators adjust to the expected disruption?

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Drawing on the remarkable strengths of the healthcare ecosystem in Washington, the Health Innovators Collaborative is being established to help identify and seize opportunities for beneficial innovations.  Its goal is to facilitate information exchange, educational opportunities, partnership development and shared resource utilization among individuals and organizations that are dedicated to constructive innovations in health care.

Collaborative efforts begin with four presentations by leading individuals expert in:

·      Why new thinking is required in company strategies

·      How Accountable Care Organizations will change the landscape

·      Approaches to demonstrating value in health innovations

·      Why health IT is both promising and perilous

Check out the Seminar Series

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