ENTRE 579 NeuroVentures / Dr. Sam Browd, Instructor

ENTRE 579  NeuroVentures  / Dr. Sam Browd, Instructor

Starting in the Winter Quarter 2014, the UW Foster School, Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, will launch a neuro-entrepreneur course, ENTRE 579 NeuroVentures, led by Dr. Samuel Browd, Instructor of record.  The UW NeuroVentures course has its genesis in NWNN, and our members have been highly supportive of this effort.  If you’re interested in taking the class for credit, please contact Sam at samuel.browd@seattlechildrens.org. The Foster School is making it possible for nonstudents to register for the course, which can be done at this link.

You can read more about the NeuroVentures ENTRE 579 course by clicking here.

ENTRE 579  NeuroVentures, Winter Quarter 2014  Wednesdays 6 – 9:20pm, Paccar Hall 291, SLN 13975

 NeuroVentures is a seminar and project-based class that is focused on bringing neuro-related ideas and innovations to market. The course begins with an overview of neurotechnology and the big needs in neurology, psychiatry, imaging and diagnostics, education, health care, etc. In the weeks that follow, students will form teams and work collaboratively to evaluate ideas and opportunities, understand the competitive landscape, develop a business model, talk with potential customers, and create an executive summary that describes the start-up opportunity.

Lectures will cover topics from the deeply technical aspects of neurotechnology to intellectual property and conflicts of interest, the mechanics of company formation, funding sources for new ventures, market and competitive analyses, and the start-up roadmap. Guest lecturers will bring their own start-up experiences to the class, and provide case-study depth content on the realities of commercializing neuro technologies. Students will begin pitching their ideas from the outset and will produce a final presentation and executive summary.

We anticipate that some of these projects will go on to the UW Business Plan Competition and become successful ventures.

Open to: UW graduate students, and non-UW participants from Allen Institute, Swedish Neuroscience Institute, Institute for Systems Biology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Puget Sound VA, etc.


Sam Browd, Neurosurgeon

Dr. Samuel Browd is an attending neurosurgeon at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Harborview Medical Center and the University of Washington Medical Center. Dr. Browd received his M.D., Ph.D. through the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Florida in 2000. He then undertook a seven-year Neurosurgery Residency at the University of Utah, and in 2007-2008 completed his Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship Training at the University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Hospital. While at the University of Utah, he also completed a research fellowship focusing on functional magnetic resonance imaging.


UW students can register at mbaregis@uw.edu. Non-UW participants can register for this course through Jean Choy, Associate Dean for Executive Education, at jchoy@uw.edu. The cost to register is $2,500 and participants will receive a certificate for the successful completion of the course.  Other questions? Contact Samantha Ogle, Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship, at samogle@uw.edu or 206-616-8687 for more information.

About NWNN

The NorthWest NeuroNeighborhood (www.NWNN.org) is a Washington State non-profit organization formed in the summer of 2012, dedicated to fostering the development of the emerging neuro-related cluster in the Pacific Northwest.   Follow us on Twitter @NWNeuroNeighbor.

Posted by Lance Stewart, Ph.D. MBA, Sr. Director of Alliances at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Northwest NeuroNeighborhood Co-Founder and Board Member.


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