3 Asks and Next NeuroNetworking Event Nov 14

Many of you have asked how you can support our Northwest NeuroNeighborhood mission to promote the growth of neuro-science and neuro-industry in our region.  The purpose of this blog post is to tell you about 3 areas where your help would be appreciated.   We also would like to  let you know that the next NeuroNetworking event will be on Thursday November 14 and you can register by clicking here.

1. Fundraising

We are in the running for a grant from Seattle Social Venture Partners to sustain our initiatives and grow our awareness campaign. We need your expert marketing help to create a winning presentation for this very public competition. We’re telling a story – why the neuro industry is important to us all, and how valuable our cluster can become in solving neuro challenges. Please volunteer your marketing expertise by contacting Bob Wilcox at energyinvivo@gmail.com.

2. First Annual NeuroNeighborhood Symposium in June, 2014

We plan to convene NWNN stakeholders and national industry and academic leaders in Seattle in June, 2014 for our first annual NWNN Symposium.  We will highlight disruptive innovations, next-generation technologies, and clinical translation work in selected neuro-domains where our NWNN cluster has demonstrated leadership.  We need your expert help with marketing, event promotion, sponsor communications, and the program committee.  Please contact Rad Roberts at rad@uw.edu, or Bill Rooney at rooneyw@ohsu.edu to get involved.

3. Education Outreach

Lance Stewart has worked with Connie Bourassa-Shaw at UW Foster School, Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship to launch a neuro-entrepreneur course, ENTRE 579 NeuroVentures at UW starting Winter Quarter 2014 (click here for description of ENTRE 579).  The UW NeuroVentures course has its genesis in NWNN, and our members have been highly supportive of this effort.  The course will be led by Dr. Samuel Browd, as the Instructor of Record, and Sam may be reaching out to some of you to fill guest speaker rolesIf you’re interested in taking the class for credit, please contact Lance at lances@alleninstitute.org or Sam at samuel.browd@seattlechildrens.org. The Foster School is working to make it possible for nonstudents to register for the course.

4. Next Neuro-Networking Event: Brain Computer Interfaces

When: Thursday November 14, ~5:00 – 8.00 pm.

Where: K&L Gates offices in downtown Seattle.

Suggested Donation at the Door: $20

Register now by clicking here.


More Neuro-Networking events are planned.  Please contact Bob or Lance to volunteer to host an event and/or provide suggestions for speakers.

Thank you in advance for volunteering to make NWNN a greater success.  We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Posted by Lance Stewart, Ph.D. MBA, Sr. Director of Alliances at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and Northwest NeuroNeighborhood Co-Founder and Board Member.


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