nwnn-logo-square-300x300The Northwest NeuroNeighborhood is dedicated to fostering the development of our emerging Neuro-related cluster in the Northwest.

Our first meeting was on August 22, 2012, which was a gathering of local neuroindustry executives to share ideas about the breadth of local activity in neuro- science, biotech, devices, finance, medicine, law, and advocacy. That first meeting led to a regional membership directory, several follow up Steering Committee Meetings, recruitment of sponsors and a Board of Directors, and work on the Mission and Vision as follows.

Mission:  Promote the Growth of Neuro Science and Industry in the Pacific Northwest
Vision:  A Globally Recognized, Capital Efficient NeuroIndustry Cluster

Our members are enthusiastic for the NW NeuroNeighborhood because they recognize:

  • Pacific Northwest’s neuro institutions already have a worldwide presence
  • Our culture of cooperative competition is a special strength for efficient growth
  • Opportunity for innovation is abundant in the neuro space